Asian Adult Amateur Baseball Classic

The Asian Adult Amateur Baseball Classic, or AAABC, is an annual baseball exhibition tournament featuring the best local players from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the United States.


Mike Gin, Commissioner of the AAABC, wanted to bring together players of different Asian countries that all have something in common: their love for the great American sport of baseball. Thus, he created the Asian Adult Amateur Baseball Classic.


The first AAABC baseball tournament was held in October and November 2011 in San Marino, California and continues to be a fun event that fosters positive friendships and ties between the represented countries.


In this round-robin style tournament, each team will play once against each other, leaving the top two teams to play in the championship and the bottom two teams to play a consolation on the final day of the tournament. All players are at least 21 years of age and have distinct ties to the country team that they are representing.